Contract Seed Production & Multiplication

Contract Seed Production

With over 40 years in the seed industry, we have experience in the contract seed production of a wide variety of fiber crops, cereals and vegetable seeds. We offer superior quality, pure seed, with timely delivery to our domestic and international seed companies for whom we provide contract seed production.

We cater to the needs of large and small research companies, seed wholesalers / distributors, seed geneticists and all types of seed companies that require seed production and multiplication. During the contract seed production process, we diligently ensure that strict varietal purity is maintained.

Contract Seed Production


Bumper Yields also offers seed companies seed trials to monitor any number of traits such as flowering times, disease pressure etc.

Seed Production Table

 Crop   Species  Sowing  Harvesting
 Cotton  Gossypium species  June-July  November – December
 Soybean  Glycine max  June-July  September – October
 Chickpeas  Cicer arietinum  October-November  February – March
 Pigeonpeas  Cajanus cajan  June-July  January – February
 Sorghum  Sorghum bicolor  June-July  November – December
 Wheat  Triticum species  October-November  March – April
 Corn  Zea mays  June-July  August – September
 Pearl Millet  Pennisetum glaucum  June-July  September – October
 Okra  Abelmoschus esculentus  June-July  October – November
 Egg Plant  Solanum melangona  June-July  October – November
 Tomato  Lycopersicon esculentum  June-July  October – November
 Bell Pepper  Capsicum annuum  June-July  October – November
 Hot Pepper (Chilli)  Capsicum annuum  June-July  October – November
 Onion  Allium cepa  October-November  April – May
 Peas  Pisum sativum  October-November  April – May
 Papaya  Carica papaya  May – June  April – May