Contract Seed Production & Multiplication

Seed Multiplication

International seed companies have already realized the value and potential of India as an alternative seed multiplication area due to the fact that seed harvested in October to December is available for marketing in Febuary or March in United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and many other countries.

We specialize in seed multiplication of cotton seeds, pigeonpea seeds, soybean seeds, sorghum seeds, corn seeds, chickpeas, tomato seeds, eggplant seeds, okra seeds and many other crop seeds.

Bumper Yields owns farms that are fertile and irrigated so we do not rely on other contract growers. We ensure complete confidentiality regarding the germplasm entrusted to us for seed mulitplication. Before any production of crop seed can occur, an important role of multiplying original breeder seed needs to occur. Each variety starts off with a handful of seed which is then multiplied to a point where it is possible to achieve full commercial production.

Bumper Yields is  important role of multiplying new lines of seed. We have built very strong relationships and loyalty with professional small seed producers in the local area who have the knowhow and expertise to carry out the important role of small seed multiplication.


Seed Multiplication Services

Seed Multiplication Field Operations

We have a team of crop specialists to look after all aspects of seed multiplication such as:
*Selection of soil types according to the type of crop
*Correct irrigation and fertilizer schedule for every crop
*Integrated pest management, pollination & harvesting techniques
*Rogueing and Nicking of off types


Seed Laboratory Tests

For all seed multiplication and seed production projects, we offer the following results for the seed lots
Analytical purity
Moisture content