Contract Seed Production & Multiplication

Company Profile

Bumper Yields is located in the heart of the seed production area of India. The company specializes in the development, multiplication and production of cotton seeds, pigeonpea seeds, soybean seeds, sorghum seeds, corn seeds, chickpeas, tomato seeds, eggplant seeds, okra seeds and many other crop seeds.

Our production centres in India are fertile lands of India with year round warm temperatures and irrigation facilities to provide all year round supply of seeds with superior quality and great yields.


Our experienced qualified agriculture professionals at Bumper Yields can provide clients with a range of services including contract breeding, stock seed development and maintenance, product trials and disease screening.

seed multiplication services

Bumper Yields  can produce commercial seed for on a contract basis. We can develop and maintain stocks of your proprietary or public varieties. We will produce genetically pure, high quality seed stocks of your varieties for further increase by you or by our experienced staff. We are in the process of developing quality stocks of several important public varieties of several crops.

We are experienced with international shipping and documentation including phytosanitary certificates required for exports to countries including USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan and many more.